Experienced Providers of Printing and Mailing Solutions

Armsreach’s multi-talented design and artwork team will work with your ideas—we'll typeset that for you or we‘ll work with your in-house graphics department.  It makes no difference to us, but it’s good for you to know that Armsreach has one of the best art departments in Canada.

Why is Armsreach Printing & Graphics noted to have one the best artwork departments in Canada?  

It’s because we are pioneers in the Graphics Industry.  Historically we helped develop these graphics arts programs resulting in lower costs to you.

We listen well and we are very fast and accountable at our work.

At Armsreach, we clock in and out of work which results in accurate time worked; and most importantly, accurate  and responsible billing.

The artwork that we create for you is your legal property. We store your artwork in two secure locations and is yours for the asking now and into the distant future.


Need a mail room with modern mail merging software and inserting/sealing equipment?

More and more companies are asking us to merge their files to provide individualized letters and documents. Our modern mailing machines print, insert, seal, and meter in one quick pass then are taken to Canada Post.

It’s simple. We take your Excel files and use them to print names and addresses on brochures, statements, and/or envelopes—in any position or any number of positions.

We are experienced with over 38 years of merging data files to provide individualized notices like financial statements, tax and utility bills, membership card notifications, promotional ad mailings — anything you want inserted into envelopes and mailed directly to the person you want to receive it.